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Thanks man! I forgot about near-clipping on the camera :X I just never touch that value, now it’s finally of good use! I have some new ideas on how to tackle this for ue4 specifically now. Tempted to start on it soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got the basic principle working now. Still some issues that needs fixing like the one-frame lag with Character camera (does not happen for the editor camera)

Here is a Car of an Multiplayer RC Racing Game we are working on.

Nice result.
Got mine working, too (facing the same one frame lag problem).
Which capture component did you use? I used Scene Capture 2D (Just asking, maybe you used another way).

Next Step:
It’s currently an ineditor-setup. Need to make it spawnable at runtime.


just messing around and doing some outdoor realistic lightening render tests while i wait for 4.5

objs are all out of place and shadows are messed up but w/e

Cool! The basic principle turned out to be quite simple as you pointed out. The frame lag is kind of annoying right now though. I still need to add the functional part of actually walking through and ending up on the other side, but should maybe get back to my original tasks instead for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, the walking through (if done without sudden teleport) is quite complex. In 3DGamestudio I implemented a custom Trace-Method that continued to trace when it hit a PortalSurface(it was translated through the portal and continued from the other one). That was quite simple as the engine supports PhysX, but it’s mostly not used. However, in UE4 ALL Collision-Queries are done by PhysX, so i need to find a way to implement/override functionality. And that’s something i don’t know how to do atm.

Oh and for the Seamless portalmovement:
You need a volume/Box behind a portal-surface that continues to render this portals color on to the screen, where the camera clips through the surface. Otherwhise you can look behind the portal while walking through(and see a wall or whatever)
Clones: All objects (atleast in my design) get a clone of themself. This clone is translated according to the Portals as you need two objects to have something stuck in mid portal(One half is seen at PortalA, the other half sticks out at PortalB).
And clipplanes: Clipplanes Clipplanes Clipplanes!

That’s where all the anoying stuff starts :frowning:

Oh and i hope you created two (BluePrint)Functions to do Location or Rotation transformation between 2 portals. (I translated mine from C (Old Engine) to BluePrint). You’ll want to transform a lot of different things between portals!


@ JDessaux nice! im working on mine im new to the engine but been in 3d for 10years its working out good so far.

I’m currently working on The Tale of Three: An action-adventure game :slight_smile:

Material prototyping to see if I can get a more organic growth effect. The transition happens from a single Vector3 location in world space.

I’m really starting to hate you :stuck_out_tongue:
…no really…Awesome work…

:X Heheh, thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff going on in here! :cool:
little something from me

Great work all

nice work, with your characters red skin it makes me feel like im in a Dark Sun setting

old video made it alot better but recently have been working on game optimisations to make it run on lower end devices, currently trying to make the engine run in a high reflective room with reflections tunred on and native resolution on a intel bay trail tablet device, will post a video soon on that :)))

Just expanding the horizons of my liquid tearing shader. :slight_smile:

Not really enough for its own thread, so might as well just post it here. Did this start to finish in about 3 days:


Edit: Wow that looks pretty bad at low res. Higher res version over at

Very nice. Definitely captured the feel of the planet. =)

Cross posting, testing out the new Artist Template in UE4.5, really digging it!