What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Pretty! The quit button looks a bit out of place both location and style wise though.
Perhaps putting it beside settings button would look nicer.

I was kinda thinking the same thing after I posted them. Let me upload a version with the button next to the settings real quick

oh that’s gorgeous!

Some shots from the entrance/visual target of the horror/thriller game I’m working on with my friend. I’m going for a fairly realistic high contrast lighting look. I’ve gotta add some atmosphere and thickness… probable a particle and some fog.


Looking good! If you need some HQ graffiti textures let me know, we have about 50-100 of them just laying around.

That almost looks like a photo, well done. =)

Im not owning anything of this just posting :slight_smile:
Im Using the same Skytemplate system for daynight

Worked on a quick broken glass shader- still needs much improvement but I think it’s a good base to start from! Shader by Eoin O’Broin, on Flickr

I am working on a game called CravingHumanity Still have a lot of work to do, but I am happy with were I have progressed to at the moment. 355c8582e8a4bc25003e2f12e348edc22fb73f26.jpeg 56272485b43d4493ac25d4dc10d97f02da05d23a.jpeg 2015-08-08_23-25-46.jpg

Chubby’s Candy Adventure

I’m currently working on Chubby’s Candy Adventure. It’s a game I’m making with my 3 year old daughter. She basically has chosen all the assets and told me how it all should work lol. It’s still a long way from finished but thought I would share it here.

I hope to get it done and released before the end of this year. Currently the jumping and dashing system is in place but needs some tweaking. The dashing allows you to get into different worlds on Chubby’s Adventure. I still need to add moving enemies, effects for the transition between worlds, and of course more worlds/levels. It’s a very basic start.

According to my daughter I also need to add in-app purchases so she can have other hats clothes and even airplanes and skateboards lol (never done iAP before but ill try)

Hope you guys and girls like it.

Lol that’s awesome, I often use my 6 year old daughter to give me her brutal honesty on if she likes my models before they make the final cut.

From my secret project, “IPT.”

Im using the Bumping Pup ressources too <3

What I have been working on the last couple days.


Downloaded the full kite project just to get deers and raven :slight_smile:

Gathered earlier some screenshots here:

Edit: More deer pics

A project i started a few days ago. Have been tweaking controls and camera.

Exactly. I have already made 2 games for her (kids games) and this will be the last one before starting more serious projects. Indeed there’s nothing more honest than a kid and that’s why I like her feedback and bossing me around how she things everything should work. On top of that If she likes it there should be more kids that will like it.

working on next tutorial

I’ve got a full time project that I’m not quite ready to show yet but I have also been playing around with Tom Looman’s survival game and learning loads of stuff modifying it…Thanks Tom!! :smiley:

Yeah I agree, and my daughter said she wants to play the game your working on so we will be following your development of it, good luck it looks great so far!

P.S. My daughter wants a unicorn game after we are finished with our current project, whats with girls and unicorns lol.