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I think camera view is the most import thing to start with on a new project, I like the feel of yours. Its top down but over the shoulder a bit good job.

I think it looks really good but one minor suggestion. I use to live in hawaii, and every place I lived in had these type of windows, they were separate slats of glass, it looks weird for the crack to continue onto the next piece of glass like it is. I would maybe not crack all the slats, and shift it on the uv for others. I may be looking to far into it though, sorry. The shader looks very good!

Check out some footage from our weekend play test!

Screenshot (5).png

Been working on the Panther D, Eastern front in winter look. Next will be a British vehicle.

I’ve been going through iterations of the tanks for some time now, it’s hard to really say how long it took as it’s probably the 5th or 6th method I have used. Started out with no suspension or anything. I have a flow of doing it now and it takes an afternoon to fully rig and setup a tank in the game!

Yeah I noticed this too, I’ll improve it with further iterations of the shader (currently just using one mask for the cracks, but if I make a RGB mask that divides the sections up, I can then specify a different crack mask for each color, which should eliminate that problem!) Thanks for the feedback!

Check out my development of Affinity WIP

Download&Play the prototype :smiley:

It would be amazing to get some feedback on it.

Link to thread:


Just a little test, a simple terrain patch generated procedurally and modulated with a simplex noise algorithm (in C++) :

That terraintechnique :3 like!

first video of my project …

Hey everyone;)
This is my last project I’ve been working on.

Hope you like it!
You can find some screen captures on my portfolio site →

Nice work Klepadlo, I like the overall feel of the room. =)

thanks a lot, but… how many bears did you found?! :wink:

nice !!!
where is doctor lol

Quoted from my Website :slight_smile:


This is my next fun project created in Unreal Engine. Let me know what you think about it!







Here is my original thread →
If you would like to see more of my work please jump here →


The kitchen of Dunkenhof Manor in the WIP game Vernon’s Legacy.


Making some progress with AI and scenery (using the many marketplace assets) in my project.

Working on a Custom Gravity Plugin

DirtyScreenVV.PNG Here is a screenshot of screen blur

Lots of cool stuff! Great to see some of you guys using my Survival game!

It’s been a while since I dropped my own stuff in here, so here goes:

Spawning a tower with a grenade:

Removing the environment with a rocket: