Welcome! Introduce yourself!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to Epic for giving us a place to post and discuss Filmmaking & VFX in Unreal!

My name is Noah, and I’m a Digital Artist and Filmmaker in Adelaide, Australia.

I’m currently building a VFX pipeline in Unreal and I’m interested in sharing the techniques and workflows that I have discovered.

You can check out some of my latest work here.



Hey new cinematics community! I’m John and I work in VFX doing Effects and also exploring the possibilities of Unreal! So many interesting new workflows are being opened up for film/cinematics using Unreal to tie it all together, really looking forward to seeing how far we can push things :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m so excited about the new section of the forum!

Thanks Epic for organising!

My name is Alex and I work in VFX in Melbourne, Australia.

Unreal Engine is becoming such an amazing tool for filmmaking and it’s fantastic being a part of it in these early stages. Can’t wait to see this grow!

If you’d like to check out my Unreal work, pop by my website :

hey dudes and dudettes… well i’m really nobody with absolutely no talent that just likes to mess around with ue4 to keep me entertained :-)… my style is chosen for reasons known only the gods lol… dont have much knowledge as to specific technical sequencer stuff, but i’ll help or point if i can… sweet dreams

欢迎欢迎!! :d 我来自中国北京!

Hello there,

My name is Sebastian, I’m currently studying animation and I’m hoping to become a Cinematic Artist one day.
It’s nice to see that there is quite a lot of people who find UE4 a great tool for filmmaking.

If you’d like, you can see my work at: |

hey @ shain98, welcome

love your stuff, specially the end of planet mars (chuckle)… i would say your future is an inevitability… you must have some screaming hardware cuz i see you have everything turned on… very nice… stev

i just mess around with sequencer, i really have no talent, but i have stories to tell (smile)…

Hey guys.

Badmonk here. Use UE4, Blender, After Effects, Element 3D as a hobby because I love CG/VFX etc. Just love making animations, models, using physics etc

I also use it in a professional capacity as I have worked in movies for over 26 years as a stuntman/action choreographer and it helps me put together previz sequences to sell ideas to my team and director/producer. :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone,

I’am Fred. Using UE4 only for rendering and cinematic… very great tool! I have worked in design graphic and video industriy since 25 years. Currently work with Rokoko mocap suit, Iclone, 3D max and, of course, UE4. Make some short cinematics for Coca-Cola…

Hi, I am Cavin from NY and it was nice to be here at this forum and hope to have great time

Hi. My name is Rampa. I’m really looking forward to learning more about making movies with the timeline.


My name is Willie, and I am a 3D modeler and motion graphics artist (C4D, After Effects) with more than 15 years under my belt, living in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve only recently started tinkering with Unreal, and to say that it requires an adjustment to my established workflow would be a massive understatement. I sometimes post seeking answers only after being frustrated with a problem, and that regrettably may make me sound like a jerk at times, so apologies in advance. Challenges are what make us better, so I try to embrace them, but deadlines create real pressure, and sometimes those two things aren’t exactly as compatible as I’d like.

Hello Folks,

I am Bhogi. I am an Animator currently working in Vancouver. I primarily work on VFx films.
This is my last demo Reel from 2016. Yet to update it with the movies I’ve worked from 2016 till date.
It is very nice to get in touch with you all. @Arkman That is some killer lookDev stuff on all those movies. @alexpopescu Man , that is some amazing work in BlackMass. Quiet a trip!
I am thouroughly interested to know the workflow and how you made it in Unreal! I am looking forward to make an action video short to some heavy metal music and am looking at Unreal to get the final comps. Although I have no idea if it is possible to generate topography , set models and lookDev them in Unreal ? I am planning to get some moCap done for animation and then clean it up in Blender. Please share your thoughts.


welcome to everyone… sequencer is in it’s baby steps at present, but with some time and lots and lots of effort, dreams can come true… i’m a simple guy and don’t know much tech talk… but if i can do it (smile)… @Bhogiman_85 your work inspires me to do better, let us know how things go…

my name is Tama, I have been working for 18 years in the 3D Max program.

(animation and advertising) small TV company, Kiev Ukraine!

I have nothing to be very proud of:
Unreal Engine is completely new features in 3D!
My dream is to create huge landscapes for games and movies!
Although working with materials is also the biggest mockery of mathematicians programmers at artists in the entire history of mankind!
But I’m ready to break my brain in order to master this unique Unreal Engine tool!

please forgive me, but my english is very bad
this is google translator level! %)

love your stuff Tama from Ukraine (smile)…

Alex, great work over there, might ask you a couple of things.

Greetings! Somewhat new to the forums here, but hopefully, you’ll be seeing a bit more of me. My name is Brannon Hollingsworth and I’m the COO/CCO of Brainy Pixel Productions, LLC ( We’re currently working on a feature film using UE4. :smiley:

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

Hello nice to meet you all :slight_smile: i’m from Palestine

I am very excited to see where this venture will go with VP in unreal, i work as a TD in a small production house and we’ve been setting up virtual production set for local TV stations.