Weird white artifact in reflections

Anyone had this kind of problem? dunno if is something about distance fields AO? maybe?.. is not visible in the reflection pass.

Also, when i re-position the camera just some units, the artifact “moves” or “changes”… something like that, and in other places of my scene it disappears completely.

Is really bugging me because I’m trying to capture a 360º image with the Ansel plug-in and when it does the captures ALWAYS gets a “part” of the artifact.

Any Ideas (I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong) are more than welcome, thanks!

It was the directional light Strangely enough. My Scene happens to be Inside a cave and in a previous room the roof is open and I have a Sun Light.
Why the Directional Light glitches in this room and not in the others (I have +3 closed “rooms” that work just fine is kinda a mystery. I’m guessing that has something to do with the light angle.

*Meshes are set to recive shadow 2 sided (the sun is stationary)

I mean, for my specific needs (capturing a 360º pano) disabling the directional light solved the problem. But it looks like some kind of glitch to look into… maybe.

Or maybe I didn’t read a crucial part of the help files :stuck_out_tongue: