Weird shadows artifact after lightmass baking

I have a weird shadow issue after building lights.

This is before baking :

This is after baking :

This is the mesh where lightmap shadowing have this issue :

I don’t see anything wrong in the mesh, before it was 3 meshes, I had this issue with these 3 meshes, and decided to combine them into one to see if this shadow issue would disappear, but it is still there. Normals look correct though.
The lightmap resolution for the mesh is set to 256, I tried 512 but the issue is still there.

Any potential solution?

Can you tell me how did you solve this problem? (hoping you did)

in the place where the shadow issue is visible is the seam between the two models?
I see you have 2 uv channels in mesh, check what channel in using for lightmaps. Find “Light Map Coordinate Index” in mesh options.

I’m having this kind of problem too. I have two UV channels, one for textures (UV Channel 0) and one for lightmaps (UV Channel 1). The second one has no overlapping areas. Anyway, weird shadows come up when baking lights…