Weird shadows after re open project

hello,my proyect was running fine, building light as normal, but today when i open the editor , found this weird lightning issue , i check the normals,rebuild lights, uvs and lighting but nothing helps. this happens in all the levels, including the starter content levels.


Hey TitanAlexander,

This is going to sound really simple, but have you attempted to restart the project again after checking all of these settings?

It almost appears that your shaders are not compiling. Do me a favor and go into the directory Program Files > Unreal Engine > 4.7 > Engine > DerivedDataCache and delete this folder.

Derived Data Cache

This will force your project to recompile its shaders as this is the folder that keeps that information saved. Hopefully this resolves your issue, but if you are still having troubles, let me know and we can continue to troubleshoot further.


thanks for the answer, unfortunely i cant try it because the computer was repalced at the university, however, i open the project at home and it work as usual.