Weird shadow bug on fence

i got some very weird shadows on my fence :frowning: that i cant get rid off, i try to set lightmap res to 256, and i have building light on production still same. noting wrong with UV either

any idea?

Solved by just turning of cast shadow game is for VR anyway :slight_smile:

Your unwrap seems not that good for the lightmaps, do you have any overlapping uvs?
Is the uv that you have shown only for the post with one part of the fence and this is tiling along the length or ist it the complete fence?
You can also let UE create the lightmaps and check out how they solved it.

Hello Virtuee,

I think your Lightmap UVs might be too close together. (Shadows are bleeding over from one face to others)

Try creating (or generating) UVs with more space in between them