Weird reflections of objects in the foreground

Hi everyone,
I’m still pretty new to Unreal Engine so sorry, if I’m just being dumb in this matter.

I’ve realized that horizontal, reflective areas are reflecting things which are in the foreground although, if they are very far away from them and wouldn’t be reflected in any way in real life physics.

This is a pretty clumsy explanation so:
Here is a video in which I show what exactly I mean by that. (I probably wouldn’t be a good youtuber XD)

Sidenote: If you’re wondering “What mess is this project?”. It literally is my mess around project which i use to just try stuff out. Although not in the video I get the exact same problem, if I just create an empty new project and put a shiny plane and lighthing in there.

I think that I’m just unaware of a view settings that I have to apply somewhere because everyone who puts a lake or ocean in his game would stumble upon the same problem as me. Regarding this thought, I didn’t find anything about that matter. Of course I searched with google and in seveal forums for a solution to this but the nearest I got to that was this post which unfortunately is unresolved.

I found a solution that worked for me: Console command: r.SSR.Quality 0.

Also Changing the antialiasing setting in project settings makes it go away.