Weird lighting on meshes when objects move around in the scene.

I was following some video tutorials on networking and starting seeing some strange lighting bugs on the meshes. The same bugs can also be seen the tutorial videos themselves, so it’s not just me.

At about 5:40 the blue player character in the left view starts to have its lighting flicker strangely.
At about 5:58, it starts happening again.
Then at about 6:29, the bomb balls start flickering strangely as well.

When looking at the scene from the other player’s point of view the same objects are correctly lit, so the scenes are definitely inconsistent.

On a side note, the cloth physics looked pretty broken on the Samaritan character’s jacket in the other networking tutorial videos.

Is this something that will be fixed later or is it just some artifact only visible when previewing the game to improve performance?

Hi illYay,

The light flickering issue that you are seeing is because two clients are being tested on one computer. It will not be in the final packaged version of the game.

If you have any other questions on this issue, please feel free to ask.

Thanks, TJ

Good to know it’s not going to happen in release.

I’m a bit curious though why it does happen? I only have theories.