Weird lighting issue on model (live link face; blendshapes)

I am fiddling around in unreal and ran into this shading issue
Once I move the model in Play Mode using live link face, this shading issue appears.
It doesn’t matter what material I apply.
However, it doesn’t happen when I transform or rotate the model using the transformation handles.

So I think it’s something related to live link face or blend shapes. But I can’t be sure.
I tested it in different lighting environments already, so it’s unlikely due to that.

In the AnimationBP viewer, this doesn’t happen. Which is kind of baffling.

Here I applied a blank material for showcasing.
Also only have one light coming from the top left.

Anyone got any ideas?

Not entirely sure if this is a UE5 specific issue. but if I don’t manage to resolve this ill redo it in UE4

managed to find a solution to the issue.
basically a duplicate of this post right here

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