Weird lighting artifacts are appearing in one singular room

Me and several people have tried literally everything and nothing fixes these artifacts. These artifacts only appear in this room when the same exact light is placed everywhere in the environment. We’ve tried changing textures, changing objects, changing anti aliasing, changing exposure, changing lighting settings (intensity and radius), changing lumen settings, nothing works. Please help

what’s the room made of? modular pieces? also… does the light bulb have an emissive materials? you should not use that on it. small emissives are not the most stable in the gi traces.

The walls are planes but I put cubes in front of them and the same artifacts appeared on the cubes. And no, there are no emissives. It’s just a simple point light

I’ve made a bunch of Lumen scenes in interiors and this is always a problem. There are a few ways to compensate for it. It sounds like you’re not using emissives which is excellent.

One thing that often helps me is to move the point light a few degrees further from the ceiling/lamp so it’s not too close to it. This should improve things. You can turn up final gather quality to solve this (a value between 6-10 works) but it will have a significant performance impact.

It may also help to increase the light intensity and then reduce exposure to make it have the appearance you want. Sometimes the light noise is from not having enough light to sample properly.