Weather effects like in CryEngine


UE dev team, did you planning to add to the UE weather system, like in CryEngine?

For example, links:

If you planning to add weather system to the UE, when it will be done?

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Hi Arthur Khusnutdinov,

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I dont see anything in this cryengine video which is impossible to make at ue4 without dev support, even looks like there are some features with particles for this in 4.9/

OK, sure, it’s possible realize in UE.

But CryEngine provides a ready functionality.

Yep, I saw it. But it just basic effects, instead of the CryEngine’s coolest effects. If we will compare, for example, snow (at the air and at the ground) in UE and in CryEngine - we will see, that CryEngine’s snow is more realistic. The same difference is for swimmable water in UE and in CryEngine. And, as I know, UE hasn’t built-in Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Lightning.

Why UE dev team doesn’t want to add some cool stuff, like in CryEngine ?

The current games EPIC is working don’t require those effects so don’t expect to seem them any time soon. Unless someone makes a plugin for it.

Have a look:

@order66 , yeah, there are some weather effects on marketplace, for example, , but it costs 20 USD! In the CryEngine weather effects provides for free :slight_smile: !

If you not capable to purchase 20$ pack for your game, you are not capable of creating a game, if thats a hobby, mb better to understand how it works and make it yourself.

Yes, of course, it’s better, but why, if it can be realised and built-in by Engine Dev Team ? :slight_smile:

Because it hard to make something which can feet into any project, so epic solution is give a tool to build, but left whole process for the community, its a lot cheaper for their side, at the end of the day, it’s all business. Even if some support appear here and would say “i added this feature request for dev consideration” its means nothing, for next calendar year its not gonna happen.

They probably have a lot of other stuff they’re working on that take priority at the moment.

All I really want is a stable platform all of this extra spit and polish I can add myself but if we keep them busy with these rudimentary tasks we cant ever expect a generic stable platform to build from.