Water Material Problem

Iam new here so i hope this is in the right Section,
At the Moment i work at a Water Material for my Ocean.
I know mostly how to do it with SinusWave and all but Tipps for it are much welcome.

But my main Problem actually is that i dont know how to add it.
When i add my Material to a Plane the whole Plane is waving but not single Waves,
What i miss ? Do i need a Grid and if yes how exactly i do it.

Thanks for the help.

Okey so what do you would say is the better way for a complete Ocean ?
Iam scared about perfomance stuff :S. When i add a huge dividided Mesh into the Game.
And do you have any links for the tesselation stuff ?

i’m guessing some subdividing, but mostly use tessellation. but you’ll have to test it different ways to really know what is more performant .

using normal map you can make a rippling surface. for waves you have to move vertices. the number of vertices is going to vary from case to case.
if you use world offset, then in blender/maya take a plane and subdivide it then import it and see how it looks.
if you use tesselation then you can maybe use the default plane.