Warning: Known issues with intel graphics driver

I have a problem when i open unreal engine.
it says (The installed version of the intel graphics driver has known issues. Please install either the latest or the recommended)
Please help me to resolve this problem.

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That GPU can’t run UE5.

You might get more success using a lower version of UE4.

@ClockworkOcean It does run UE5(I have 630 UHD), even lumen but atm, I’m trying to figure out if it can run Nanite, theoretically it should be able to (even if it’s 10fps) because it’s based on DX12 artichture. If it’s not, I hope Epic 's team works on a way for all dx12 integrated graphics to be able to run it(come on guys, all I need is 20fps), It would be unbelievably revolutionary.
@anonymous_user_8fb622ab just close out the warning and save a lot.(That’s just me but maybe that will help)
I looked for hours for that suggested driver, and it doesn’t seem to even exist.

Maybe you can get it to run, but I don’t think you’ll gain any benefit from it.

I had a 1050Ti, and I had to put an absurd amount of polys in the level, before Nanite made the frame rate crawl back up from 10 to about 20. True, it would have been 0 without it, but I can’t say it was really helping.

There’s a lot of hype around Nanite at the moment. Like people think it’s going to make things look better, or something. Totally inappropriate marketplace assets with Nanite turned on etc…

I’m definitely gaining benefit from it, UE5 is the future and as a aspiring dev I need to get used to it’s UI, etc. I think using it as a learning tool until you can get/or afford a DX12 GPU card that can develop a more intense game should be the mindset of people with Integrated graphics.
Nanite definitely doesn’t makes things look better its was made so devs don’t have to worry about poly count as much with rich and dense assets.
I personally hate the level of detail aspect of games models especially when it’s foliage(which epic is working on that atm). It’s a annoying thing to keep in mind and Nanite eliminates it.

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Well, it’s meant to, but it doesn’t. Wait until you have a go.

If you just bundle a load of high poly assets into your scenes, with Nanite on, everybody with a card < 1600 will not be able to run it…

EU5 documentation says a DX12 gpu should work they way it was intended, Nanite isn’t magic, the city sample still has to be lowered down for most people using the .ini’s but everyone running it, are using DX12 hardware.
Edit: Everyone running Nanite has a shader model 6.6

I tried to install this but said “something went wrong”
It exist, it just sucks.


I had the same issue and found the required version, but I still get the message:

see that they ask for the same version that is installed


Hi all,

Just wanted to share the workarounds for this issue.

Best of luck!

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i went through same problem and solved after installed recommended version of graphic driver.

You actually saved me, I could not find the right driver on their website und your link worked. Thanks!

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Good! I think Lumen only worked on the iGPU in 5.0.X
5.1 lumen doesn’t work the same.
At the moment. I’m saving up for a 16GB VRAM A770.
I think that card is the future of Next gen budget gaming thanks to my new experience with UE5 and my laptop 3060.
The future of gaming is vram bruh.

I have a problem when i open unreal engine.
it says (The installed version of the intel graphics driver has known issues. Please install either the latest or the recommended)
Please help me to resolve this problem.

I had a problem running ue5.2.1 (see attached warning popup)
on my windows10 dell XPS 8920 workstation
intel(R) HD Graphics 630
driver version currently installed
which is the latest driver available on the Dell website.
The warning said I needed
but I could not acquire that driver version from the Dell website.
I installed ue4.27.2 and it launched the unreal editor successfully.
I will not be able to try out UE5.2 until this gets resolved.
Can an option to “run anyway” please be added to the windows version of UE5.2?


Is there any chance that UE 5.3 has addressed this issue?
All I asked for is a “run anyway” button like the one available for OSX macbook air.

UE4.27 is currently working on my desktop windows10 Dell XPS 8920 with Intel HD 630 graphics hardware.

The good news is uninstalling UE5.2 will free up over 30Gb of disk space.

The bad news is I wont be able to try out the new features of UE 5.