Walls/Ground Shadows are acting Weird

Hello all! While I was working on Unreal Engine, I got this problem with the shadows where the Walls/Grounds Mesh are getting banded. I have attached the screenshots of the incident and my Lightmass options. Lemme know if there are any solutions to this issue. Thank you all.


You have the correct settings under lightmass to use modular pieces without the seams, maybe you’ll need to go higher with quality later though…

Do you have lightmass importance volume covering your important area?
…I think your lightmap resolution(s) are too low!

Hello there!

Thank you for replying mate! I don’t have lightmass importance volume installed yet, I will try to do it and will let you know if it did anything :slight_smile:

I’ve increased the Lightmap resolution and it’s now all working fine, thank you very much for your help <3