Walls allowing light through

You can see in the first picture I have a particle effect of electricity, it is bright and it flickers a lot. However I have the level continue and then turn so that another room is underneath the room with the particle effect, the problem is, is that you can still see the flickering through the walls and into the other rooms. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I tried putting up additional walls around both rooms (and my heart) thinking there was something with how my imported walls were allowing light though. Any ideas?

![alt text][2]
![alt text][1]

Hey bootstrotter,

I believe the lights attenuation radius exceeds that of the floor. The same can be said for the particle effect. If you change how large the spawn radius is of your sparks and maybe move the emitter itself up does this fix the issue?

You could also disable the emitter when you are not close to it, or put some bsp/static mesh between the two to block the light.
That said, it also depends on the light settings as said, as well as if there is a light inside your emitter.