"Waking Up" effect in First Person

Hello people. I have this cutscene where the character wakes up, but since it’s in first person, I want to simulate eyes opening and stuff with the camera. What’s the best way to go?
I’m looking for an effect, similar to this : YouTube

It’d likely be a mix of a custom vignette using a post-process blendable, and tying the intensity of that to the blur strength in a depth of field setting. This could all be controlled via a blueprint; set up a timeline that animates the changing of a float value that affects a material collection parameter (that would be used to set your vignette intensity in your pp blendable material) and another float value that affects the DOF blur strength on either your camera post process settings or a PP volume in your level.

Here’s a good thread on creating your own PP blendable vignette effect.

And here’s a good article on understanding depth of field function.


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Any possibility you could expand on that? I’m fairly new to blueprints, so it would be awesome if you could include some pictures on how to set up everything. Specifically, “That affects a material collection parameter” - no idea what that is. Also, I already have some PP volume that’s working, would I have to override that for the cutscenes? Thanks.

I can put together an example blueprint & post process blendable within the next couple days, unfortunately at the moment I’m at work and after work I’m working on finalizing a big project, so my time is a bit stretched. If your question hasn’t been answered by the time I have more time to look into this I’ll come back and answer it with some example content.


Perfect, thanks!!

Bump, anyone who can help? Thanks!

Bump, still haven’t done it!!

I really need help with this, so sorry if it’s getting annoying, but bump.

Hi Todor,

I suggest to use the ‘Start Camera Fade’ node instead of trying to exactly simulate eye opening. Start Camera Fade | Unreal Engine Documentation

This node gives you a similar effect and should be sufficient. Since the effect is very short your users will not notice that it is no ‘realistic’ eye opening effect. This way you can focus on other more important parts of your project.

Hope it helps.

Not sure how to proceed to add this to a matinee? Basicly the cutscene consists of :
Event BeginPlay -> “Set View Target with Blend” (connected with a separate camera) -> play matinee of that camera -> Set View Target again, but this time to go back to the first person character.
Any way to do it with this set-up?

Still need help…


This uses a simple blendable material applied to a post process volume. You are right, you need to click “asset reference” and then specify your material.

You could either create a material instance dynamic or use a material parameter collection to drive the value. In the gif I am only changing R.

The additional math after the spheremask uses the pythagorean theorum to make the linear gradient into a round shaped gradient which is softer. If you bypass it, the shape will be more like a pyramid with 2 linear lines converging, like this:


Of course you could do any number of things to modify the curve here, like using a power or even using a 1d color ramp to draw the curve in photoshop.

A bit further explanation is needed here… I have no idea where to even begin to make the thing you said work. I suppose there should be a timeline somewhere, which makes this said animation work, but I don’t see one. Also, the who Mask node is completely unfamiliar to me. Same with the spheremask. Thanks in advance, really need to make this work!


The rest is in screenshots in my previous post. You can just copy the material setup.

the parameter collection version:


Just scan both docs and choose whichever sounds easier to you.

Thank you very much RyanB!
Finally managed to do it. Thanks again!