Vulkan 'RHIGetAvailableResolutions' is not implemented

The method FVulkanDynamicRHI::RHIGetAvailableResolutions is not implemented and thus I can’t get the available resolutions with the Vulkan RHI. Is there any reason, why the method was never implemented? Is there any other way to retrieve the supported resolutions?

Hi Zaratusa, an exact mapping of this doesn’t exist in Vulkan, we’ll see what we can do.

Can you share what is your use case?

I’m using it to fill a dropdown with the available resolutions in a graphic settings menu.

Sadly there is no Vulkan specific way of doing this; only way to do so is to inject some D3D (DXGI) code which might work, but still that won’t help Android or Linux

Do you know if this is an active design decision as part of Vulkan, to make developers run displays always at “best”, full resolution and give the user control over the internal rendering resolution instead of giving the user control over the output resolution?

It’s part how WSI was designed. Feel free to open a ticket for vulkan and send it to me so I can also chime in :slight_smile: