Vulkan - Movable objects Shadow

I’m working on a quest 2 project with Vulkan enabled.

My problem is that any movable object in the scene won’t cast a shadow.
What’s the best way to fix this?


Hello !

Movable objects only cast shadows for Movable Lights.
So first of all, do you have a movable light in scene?

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I do have a movable light.

Although there’s no shadows being cast from any movable actors.

Can you show us a screen of your scene?

Maybe the normals are inverted, or the light configuration is not casting shadows.
Also, if your scene or meshes are too big can be that the camera is too far.

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Im using the Unreal template with template meshes, there’s no normal defects and I’m using the Pawn Camera for VR… So there’s no problem there.

Although i came to learn that since this is a quest 2 project… It’s not possible to have shadows on movable object’s… Some sort of limitation…

Wasn’t able to find any other way to have this movable objects cast shadows… Will keep looking for alternatives.


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