VR Template: Multiplayer, Items, Locomotion [All Blueprints] [Free]

This is the completely rewritten version of the template from here. In addition to fixing the motion sickness issues, I’ve added a range of physics-based pawn movement and simple multiplayer capability.

This template is free and 100% made from blueprints in UE 4.25, it does not require any C++. People who are new to UE or to VR in UE may find it especially useful, since it’s fairly easy to look at the event graphs and understand the logic. That said, it will still require a basic familiarity with the Unreal Editor and Blueprints; if this is your first project, it would be good to spend a couple weeks reading up and watching tutorials before diving in. If you are having trouble, you may ask for help in the discord server, where I try to be fairly responsive.

Features include:

  • Standard locomotion methods: Roomscale, Teleportation, and 360
  • Expanded locomotion: 0g Flight, Newtonian Physics, Climbing, Jumping, and Cliff Protection
  • Multiple Hand Physics Interactions
  • Easy Item Creation with various built-in responses to grip commands
  • Multiplayer: everything is replicated in a fairly simple manner
  • Tested with SteamVR (Valve Index + Knuckles) and Oculus Quest
    (Should work with any PCVR (e.g. SteamVR or Oculus) and Quest, but may require some simple modification to accommodate the different motion controllers)


Demo Video:

Multiplayer Demo:


Thank you for releasing this Template, I looked around a little bit and it looks like there is A LOT of networking logic that builds the core of this template.

It would be really helpful if you could organize the nodes, and add some comments perhaps - It would serve as a really useful reference project for anything VR multiplayer related especially for people like me who have zero experience working with multiplayer systems.

You could in turn release a 3.0 template and potentially charge a small fee to offer it as a sort of reference / master class of various multiplayer features in VR - just a suggestion.

Thanks again for releasing the template, wishing you and your family a pleasant day :]

I may do that some day, though I’m somewhat occupied at the moment. I’m typically pretty responsive in the discord server if you have questions (though obviously I don’t check back to the forum very often!).

ETA: The multiplayer stuff can’t be that difficult, since I figured it out for the first time as I made this version of the template (I’ve since discovered that there is a bit of room for improvement wrt the replication logic). As I think about it some more, a third version does seem like it might be a good idea. Probably I’ll get working on it whenever UE5 gets stable.

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Hey, this template is amazing! I am trying to test it on Quest 2, I just compiled the template into Android, but it’s not running, it loads forever. Is there something I should change before compiling it?


Should work with Quest 2. I guess make sure the Android SDK etc. and compilation settings are appropriate. Use the Oculus Developer Hub to take a look at the logs and see if it’s throwing up any errors. The other day I had some issue with the preview image png generating infinite errors on the Quest2 so I just deleted the png. Hopefully it’s something simple like that.

Lately I’ve been getting near-daily questions in the discord about how to manage multiplayer sessions with this template. Here is the answer:

The default game map is called “ListenStartMap”
On starting the game, this map will open.
Upon opening the map, your game will search for an open LAN server and join the first one it finds.
If it does not find an open LAN server, it will start one for you.

If you want to run it over WAN instead, modify the level blueprint to skip finding sessions and create one instead. Unselect the “Use LAN” option. Your clients will need to manually join your server by opening the game console with ` and typing “open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” where you replace the Xs with the WAN IP address of your server.

If you want to run a dedicated server, you need to compile the engine from source. Dedicated servers don’t require any further configuration. Your clients will connect to it by opening the game console with ` and typing “open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” where you replace the Xs with the IP address or url of your server.

In the future, please read through the chat log at least bit before asking questions. Maybe use the search button. In this case, the answer to this question is twice visible on the first channel without even having to scroll up at the moment.


Super awesome template. Thanks for sharing your Knowledge.

great, thanks for sharing

A game I’m working on that uses this template:

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I have pkgd it for quest

My first suggestion
disable ogl and enable vulkan
quest doesn’t do ogl with unreal

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Ok, I’ve finally gotten started on the template rewrite/upgrade to UE5. Announcement here: Non Fingo VR Playtest - Rewrite, Free Template, Low Hanging Fruit - Steam News

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That would be great
I like the template but had to make the decision to migrate all projects to ue 5
so I had to switch to the vr expansion plugin
the vrmp template you have is very small and the mplayer is nice.

Hey, does this work with 5.0 or newer? rebuilding source code does not work for me.

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Have you managed to implement it on UE5? If yes, how did ou do it?
He keeps telling me to rebuild from a diferent source.


UPDATE: See new post here: Free VR Template, Blueprints-Only, Multiplayer, UE 5

I am about finished with this. Will make a new post when it’s ready. Expect it in a week or so.

(working on getting tutorial videos done so you can actually use the template, in the meantime enjoy this demo:)

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how can i add metaHuman in the vrpawn anyone had it ?