VR Template: Multiplayer, Items, Locomotion [All Blueprints] [Free]

This is the completely rewritten version of the template from here. In addition to fixing the motion sickness issues, I’ve added a range of physics-based pawn movement and simple multiplayer capability.

This template is free and 100% made from blueprints in UE 4.25, it does not require any C++. People who are new to UE or to VR in UE may find it especially useful, since it’s fairly easy to look at the event graphs and understand the logic. That said, it will still require a basic familiarity with the Unreal Editor and Blueprints; if this is your first project, it would be good to spend a couple weeks reading up and watching tutorials before diving in. If you are having trouble, you may ask for help in the discord server, where I try to be fairly responsive.

Features include:

  • Standard locomotion methods: Roomscale, Teleportation, and 360
  • Expanded locomotion: 0g Flight, Newtonian Physics, Climbing, Jumping, and Cliff Protection
  • Multiple Hand Physics Interactions
  • Easy Item Creation with various built-in responses to grip commands
  • Multiplayer: everything is replicated in a fairly simple manner
  • Tested with SteamVR (Valve Index + Knuckles) and Oculus Quest
    (Should work with any PCVR (e.g. SteamVR or Oculus) and Quest, but may require some simple modification to accommodate the different motion controllers)


Demo Video:

Multiplayer Demo:


Thank you for releasing this Template, I looked around a little bit and it looks like there is A LOT of networking logic that builds the core of this template.

It would be really helpful if you could organize the nodes, and add some comments perhaps - It would serve as a really useful reference project for anything VR multiplayer related especially for people like me who have zero experience working with multiplayer systems.

You could in turn release a 3.0 template and potentially charge a small fee to offer it as a sort of reference / master class of various multiplayer features in VR - just a suggestion.

Thanks again for releasing the template, wishing you and your family a pleasant day :]