Best VR template to base project on

Hey there,

So I know there are quite a few different VR templates out there on the Marketplace, the Unreal forums and on the wider web and was wondering which one you found as the best? So far I have always based my projects on the default VR template Epic provides, because the community ones I saw were mostly either too complex for my needs or messy/hard to understand. But the last time I checked was a few years ago, so I figured maybe it’s time to give it another go. The most promising I found so far is Incurian’s:

Would be good to have a collection what all of you think as the best/worst.

The VR template in UE 4.27 and UE5 has been updated. It’s designed to be minimal, but modular, so that each developer can customize it for their needs. If you’re looking for more gameplay-esque features, then VR Expansion Plugin comes with a sample project that contains lots of features.


These are really good to know, thanks a lot Victor!

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