VR teleportation not working inside closed mesh

Hello Unreal community,

I’m running into some trouble with VR locomotion.
I have a set of levels where everything works fine, and something in one of them seems to break the teleportation.

In this Map the navmesh is inside a closed 3D model (a room), and my guess is that this is what is causing the problem.

  • When I tick the ‘Can Ever Affect Navigation’ box in Collision options, it doesn’t change anything in the generated nav mesh displayed.
  • However, if I attach a plane to the model, the nav mesh gets generated. But even though, locomotion inside the Room mesh is still not possible.
  • I tried changing the collision and navigation settings of actors in the scene without result.
  • The Teleportation / Player blueprints behave normally in other levels.
  • Getting rid of the plane and creating a Nav Modifier Volume does generate a nav mesh, but locomotion is still impossible.

Anyone has an idea of what could be causing this?

You said you changed collision settings, but did you try giving the room NoCollision? Aside from the navmesh, that would also block teleportation.

Thank you! This solved it for me, it was obvious :slight_smile: