[VR] Shoulder points and find look at rotation problem


I’m currently developing a VR flight simulator and now ran into a problem concerning my wing and the look at function.

The look at function is working just as it should as long as the wings aren’t moving within the pawn.

I need the wings to update their position each tick so that they always ‘feel’ attached to the users shoulders.

I set up a function to get the shoulder points relative to the camera, or HMD, and tried feeding the find look at rotation with the world space location of the shoulders and the controllers and updateing the position of the wings to match the camera but as soon as more than one of the vectors going into the function is constantly changeing it won’t work anymore.

I tried all sorts of thing, Local space, wordspace, local offset, world offset, set world location, set relative location but as soon as the wings are attached to the shoulder points they won’t ever move again.

I attached some screenshots of the code, it’s by far not all of it, but, I think, the troublesome part of it.
alt text

Any help or comment is highly appreciated!