VR Pickup Hit Event

I’m working on building a farming system. There are set planters the player can use. To start, they need to hoe the ground, creating a pile of raised dirt. However, I am having what I assume to be a collision based issue.
For the planter to register that the hoe hit it (as apposed to a rock or what have you), the player has to throw the hoe. Ideally, I’d like to be able to trigger the event with the player actually holding the hoe as it makes contact with the planter.
I attempted adding Simulate Physics to the PickUp event; however, this rendered the player unable to pickup the hoe. I’m using BP_PickUpCube from the VR demo as the base for picking up and letting go of the hoe. I’m pretty new to UE4, so any advice/help is greatly appreciated.

If you want the hoe to still be able to collide with the world while being carried, one way is to attach it to the hand using a physics constraint component, instead of turning off Simulate Physics on pickup.