VR Pawn in VR Template won't generate overlap events?

Hey there,

The VR pawn won’t generate any overlap events and I have no idea why. I’ve even given the hand meshes the ability to generate overlaps but so far the pawn is not firing the overlap.

It’s probably a simple solution. I asked a similar question before and the answer was setting the bool for Can Generate Overlap Events to true for components and objects, but in this case…nothing :frowning:

Here is the logic (super simple). Any pointers would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!

Start with print string straight of the vr pawn cast node to help troubleshoot if its actually firing.
Make sure the trigger overlap event box is ticked on the collision settings.
make sure the channels are set to overlap.

I’ve noticed the motion controllers in the VRPawn BP in the VRTemplate for 4.27 do not appear to generate overlap events, I’ve tried so much but the only results I can get are by attaching collision spheres to the controllers, that does allow overlap events now.

there’s presumably something in the VRPawn BP that I’m missing.