VR image not consistent

I’m developing a simulation using VR. I’ve set up a HTC Vive and my code seems to integrate well with it. However, when I put the headset on, the right lens shows the objects within the simulation to be quite far away whereas the left lens shows the object at the correct distance. Consequently, you get a merged image which is incorrect/blurry/omits visual details. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

P.S. I get an error saying ‘Compositor is not fullscreen’ which doesn’t go away if that helps…

Go to SteamVR settings, Developer tab and click on “Enable Direct Mode”. It might work.

That hasn’t solved the issue unfortunately…

Sorry to hear that. If you resolve the issue, do post the solution here.

Upgrading the engine to 4.20 seemed to fix the issue for me :slight_smile: