VR Headset Tracking Not Working Properly When Playing as Client

When I preview my VR game as standalone or listen server everything functions fine and tracking works properly. However, when I try to preview my game in VR as a client the headset tracking does strange stuff. My point of view will be on the floor (when it should be at standing height) and my view-rotation will always be forward, no matter the orientation of my headset (I can tell tracking is actually working somewhat because my view will lean in the direction I turn my headset but will always re-center). How do I fix this???

Nevermind. I downloaded the VR Expansion Plugin and used their VRCharacter class as my player’s parent-class and that seemed to resolve my issue somehow.

I assume this happened because the VR movements weren’t being replicated so the Client was getting the Servers position of that Client instead.

I am having the same issue in 4.27, I also use the VR Expansion Plugin’s Pawn, but that did not solve the problem for me.

I’m going to assume that it was a bug. But when using a new copy of the 4.27 Template, playing as client will do exactly that behavior. If you go to Level Editor - Play - Multiplayer Options and turn off Run Under One Process the headset tracking will work.

It will fire up a server console instance window every time, but at least it works.

It seems that what’s happening is that client movement info is going to the server, not updating the server, and the server is returning authoritative movement info back to the client. You can sort of see it in that it will move but just keeps snapping back to the origin.