VR Expansion Plugin

thanks, so what’s the easiest way to move the camera up (setting tracking origin to eye level doesn’t seem to help).

Move the net smoother or insert another proxy component just for the camera

Hello. I am new in Unreal Engine. Thank you for this Plugin. I use it in my project and I have issue. I use setSeatedMode function and in the seating position, when I move my head right and left the car moves with me ,but I want to move in car…what can I do for that, what am I doing wrong.
If you can help me it would be great. Thank you in advance.

Change the AllowedRadius on SetSeated, its used to enforce them to stay within a set distance when seated, you can change it to 0 to allow them to move freely, or just increase the distance. There are SeatedThreshold events that are thrown when pushback happens as well you can use to fade or entirely black out vision.

Thank you, but it didn’t help me.

Even setting it to a very large value?

that is entirely the threshold that is limiting movement

Hey, i have an issue with the plugin. When you keep still the hands with an object grabed, the object enters in sleep physics state and not awake when moving again, stucked the object in the air.

I worked around this issue check in the tick event when the object has linear or angular velocity and wake it up.

But i don’t know if this worked around could solve in more efficient way. I only check it in the Event Tick when Tick is working (only when helds the object), and when the object fires the Sleep Event. I check if has movement (with linear or angular velocity) and if true, Wake it manually. I still think this is dirty solution and i reinventing the wheel surely you know a better solution or the plugin include any check o setting to fix it up.

PD: I use UE5.

This is a Chaos issue that was fixed in 4.26-chaos-2 and then reappeared in ue5 EA chaos and 4.27-chaos branches.

I am not going to add an automated waking work around because I specifically want to test chaos in its native state for issues and chaos isn’t entirely useable as is anyway yet in order to go in and fully tweak everything.

ATM there is very little reason to use ue5 for VR, its a strict downgrade, the 4.27-chaos branch is a more updated version of chaos even and none of the ue5 rendering improvements work with VR yet.

The plugins chaos and ue5 branches generally just exist to work out issues and report them so that chaos and ue5 in general are ready for VR on launch.