VR Expansion Plugin

You missed some of the conversion steps, to prep for UE5 I made the choice to hard nuke an interface flag that was double creating functions. Some instance of an interface is still referencing the objects version of the function instead of the interfaces.

Its generally helpful to do a global BP search for the migration notes mentioned functions.

Creating a new level not in the template help:
Plugin installed fine and working, I’m able to create sliders with ease etc. (Within the template) a new level within the template I just add the vrplayerstart and it all works, BUT if I start a new project, and new level with the plugin enabled, when I add the vrplayerstart like in the template it doesn’t work? What am I missing?

Sorry for the newbie question but is there a detailed guide on getting this to run on a new project? Do I need to copy the template gamemode as well and assets?

I’m loving the slider blueprints and have no issues with the functionality the plugin offers, but I’m not able to get the player pawn working like in the template.

the player controller in the template handles spawning the pawn to one of the vr player starts, it also checks if the player is in VR or not and spawns a FPS testing pawn or the VR pawn based on that.

You can move all of this logic out of the player controller or change it in general, but that would be why you are seeing differences, your new project doesn’t have the same gamemode/player controller as the template.

Hi! Love your plugin, just wanted to know what the plan was for UE5?

Will this be migrated across?

Cheers, David

It already has a branch on both repos for ue5 EA. Its fully functional within it, that being said obviously Chaos being in the state it is currently limits things a bit.

Hi, great plugin! Thanks for your previous quick response. For those creating levels in the template project, is the template/code/examples also free for commercial use as long as the mit license is referenced?


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Hello! Love the expansion. Getting much more versed in it’s use and it’s absolutely amazing. I have an issue I’m trying to figure out where running the game as client in vr causes the motion controller inputs not to work. It still spawns the hands and tracks their movement, but none of the controls work. However, if I run it in selected viewport and use the keyboard and mouse, those inputs work fine. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you for everything you do!

Edit: Also I just wanted to say how cool it is that I can have melee weapons being insta-called with the grip, still be able to use interactables, like dressers and guns, be able to use the bow with secondary grip, and be able to climb all on one input button. I couldn’t imagine ever being able to get such a great system setup without your expansion and masterwork on the gripping mechanics. Thank you so much.

Hey Sorry, I figured it out, it was a settings mistake.

If someone could point me in the direction or explain how to switch the snap turn to the right controller? and teleport to the left?

Also, how to disable the text labels on the controllers and just set the control type manually when the game starts? I could add the option later when I figure it out, but for now just want it on teleport and snap turn, and the text gone.


I cannot use the plugin. I did everything as in the documentation. I would like to use the pre-build binaries because I am not allowed to install Visual Studio for enterprise purposes and the commuinty variant cannot be used for commercial purposes. When I do everything described. Downloading the example project and then afterwards the brebuild binaries I still cannot start the project. Unreal says VRExpPlugin and AdvancedSessions have a different version. Does anyone have an idea? I’m using Unreal Engine 4.26.2

Follow the menu in the level and the bool it sets when you swap hands

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