VR Expansion Plugin

Make sure that you are only registering widget interactors locally, or if you want them registered on all that you are assigning unique ids to all of them.

I have a little thought, thank you very much for your answer.

I realized today while helping someone debug their sword collision that I had never gone over the constraint differences in a video or text format.
Made a quick demonstration video (even though my voice was out, the description text has my notes).

has anyone tried the plugin over the internet?
I don´t know how to start a server and to join.
One of us pushed the button host and the other tried to search for the server.
In our Office we found each other, but not over the internet! Is there a trick for a multiplayer game over Internet?


Hi Sven,

I also was confused by this when I started using the plugin. The plugin is super good and has a ton of features but the documentation is lacking. Searching in this thread is the best thing I’ve found to do if you are stuck.

Assuming you are asking about the example map, yep it works over the internet. The server browser thing uses the Online Subsystem Steam and sessions to operate. I believe you need to be logged into steam and friends with whomever you are trying to play with then it should function as you expect, ie one person hosts then the other tries to find.

If that doesn’t work then you can try a packaged build, I vaguely remember reading something in this thread about the online subsystem not working in editor. I could be wrong about this. What I do know is that 100% you can connect over the internet with packaged build as I was doing it last week. I can’t remember whether it worked in editor however.

If you still can’t get it to work you’ll have to wait for the king himself :wink:

I answered your direct visitor message about this already if you want to go read the response.

Technically the sessions stuff is totally separate from the VR Plugin, which would be why there is no mention of it in the plugin documentation. I just package my Advanced Sessions plugin in with the template to handle the steam sessions testing in the example project.

Ah yep. I knew the sessions stuff was handled by your other plugin, forgot that example project is really separate from plugin though.

Pushed a fix for throwing with SetAndGripAt center of mass setting with physics grips (the default one)

Patch Notes Here: 4.22 Patch Notes – VR Expansion Plugin

Hey man!
Would you know how to do an Echo Arena grip style on a disc with your grip scripts?

Hey man!
Would you know if there was a way to do an Echo Arena grip style on a disc with your grip scripts?

Looked through the docs, the install, etc. Added in a VRPlayer (tried Base, Character, Simple) and nothing happens. No controls, not tracked controllers, no movement, no nothing. 4.22, using the 4.22 binaries, compiled in VS just fine, auto-posessing player 0, getting nothing.

With grip scripts? No? That is an animation procedure. You could make a grip script that traces the held object and passes the information out to an animation instance and that would work, but you won’t be directly posing bones in a grip script using a standard skeletal mesh.

It also wouldn’t be best in a grip script in the first place, you can bind to OnGrippedObject on the controller itself and handle logic based on the position of the hand relative to the object if you want a fully dynamic grip. If you HAD to have it in a grip script I suppose that you could make an “animation Pose” script, get the list of scripts OnGrip on the controller side and find the first animation Pose one, then retrieve the animation or data from it.

You could also run default poses and blend between them and handle it with an interface or any other method.

Is it possible to broadcast a video stream from CameraRecorder blueprint to twitch ?

like record your screen? yes?

no, in VR game my character will have a camera in his arm, from this camera I want to broadcast video to twitch when I want to broadcast, and stop broadcasting accordingly.

Then you would have to hook up with an OBS plugin or a twitch streaming plugin or hotkeys on OBS to manage it…

Not entirely sure what you want from me here, I don’t think you understand what you are requesting.

Sorry, probably I don’t undrerstand what I am requesting. But I need what I sad - player in VR must be able to use camera in his hand to broadcast a virtual world to twitch. If you can suggest me the way how to do it, it will be very helpful. If your previos post is a solution, please, give me some links to read.

By the Echo Arena grip style I just mean sorta how the disc grips and snaps the location where you grab it and not on a set point yet still keeps its rotation correct, like what is shown in the attached clip.

Yes, in the GetClosestSocketInRange function pass out a transform that is relative to the hand current transform to the object, but is centered on the object.

Where might I find “GetClosestSocketInRange”?