VR Content Examples

VR Content Examples

Hey people, Mitch here
I’ve been doing my tutorial series for a few months now and I have a cool project that I would like to share with everyone.

The idea behind this is a community project that shows how to accomplish cool things in VR for UE4. It is meant to be headset agnostic and I would like to also have specific levels for the quirks for all headsets.

Checkout the gitHub for more information on the functionality currently implemented

If gitHub isn’t your thing I also did a video covering the initial functionality on my youtube channel

and here’s an update with the new World Interaction level

As always any feedback is welcome so please feel free to email me at [EMAIL=“”]

The project will remain free for the foreseeable future if you feel like supporting me feel free to donate.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the entire video here are some snippets of the current functionality

edit: What it looks like with the Vive:

Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks Mitch and great tutorials, I’m learning a lot with them!

PS: Setup a paypal page :wink:

Nice job, good to see you’re making a lot of progress with the tutorials. As someone who took a break from developing for a while and only started again a few weeks ago when I got my Vive, the parabola/navmesh projection for teleport was a handy refresher

Good job!!!

Thanks a bunch! I’m learning Unreal & Vive Blueprints, and this will help me enormously.

Very awesome stuff, will check this out for sure :slight_smile:

Question (or a few) - is that a navmesh you manipulate in the Editor to define the area where teleportaton is allowed? If so, how do you do that?

Also, how do you get trace hit result from navmesh ?

And the last one - how do you define areas where engine generate nav mesh?

Thanks :o

It isn’t actually a nav mesh, what it is, is a spline component where you put in the points of the polygon. I then take those points and triangulate them (using ear clipping) then once I have the triangles I create a procedural mesh component with them. After that I do UV Planar projection to create UVS for the new mesh and finally I trace the edges with a instance static mesh component.

If you would like a nav mesh you can check out the Simple_Teleportation level or checkout my simple teleportation video

Mitch thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and time. I’m a UE4 and Vive newbie. I downloaded your project from github and can’t get past 45% when opening the project in UE4 4.11.2. Any ideas?

If I delete the Config/Intermediate/Saved folders it will open but I’m thinking something is amiss.

If it helps I’m on Windows 10.

Thank you soooooooooooo much for this Mitch.

You are my new Hero!!

That is an excellent way to do interaction with widgets and it makes it pretty easy to spit out menu’s now which was just what i was needing!

Many thanks!

Very usefull examples!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

It takes a good amount of time the first opening. Depending on the machine it could just be a few mins or could be much longer. It has to recompile all the shaders and everything else in the background on the first opening.

Any plan on when you are adding Vive content to this template? Last time I checked it said to be added soon.

The Trace Interaction Level supports the Vive natively, if you’re talking about the intro to steam VR level I’m working on it :slight_smile:

Very cool examples, but i want to know how to call a “real” button event, like on Clicked, on Hover and so on.
i saw you “Set members in ButtonStyle” to change the button state.
if ui designer make a lot of button states, how can i use those ?

great work - we are adding to this, do you mind if we share it here on this post?

great work - we are adding to this, do you mind if we share it here on this post?

Have you seen the SteamVR Template project?

Hello Mitch,

I am really grateful to you for sharing this template. It has helped me a lot to move ahead in my projects.
There is a specific change that I need to make in the blueprint which is a requirement for my project. I want the teleportation tracer appear only when I press the Thumbpad 1 on my controller. I should be able to teleport when I release the key. Moreover the tracer target and trajectory should appear only when I press the key and disappear when I teleport. I have tried different approaches on my end, but it did not work. I am a novice in UE4 development and blueprints. I would really appreciate it if you could suggest a quick fix for this.

Thanks a lot!