VR Bow Problems

I have the bow and arrow pretty much finished, but I’m having a hard time with the rotation of the bow when an arrow is nocked. While the bow is nocked, the rotation of the bow should use a Look At Rotation to make sure the bow is aiming as if there were a laser pointer shooting from the back hand to the front, but the left hand still needs to control the Z rotation of the bow to allow for turning the bow at a slightly tilted angle, or a large one if you fancy yourself a gangster. For some reason, try as I might to make this work, I cannot. I feel like I’ve tried about everything, but I’m sure I missed something, so if anyone can help demonstrate what I should be doing to make it work, please help!

Using the Vive, if that makes any difference.

This answer might be a bit late, but this is the solution i came up with that worked for me. This allows the nocked hand to aim the bows Yaw and Pitch, and the bow hand to control the roll.