Volumetric Scattering Intensity bug with Volumetric Fog

Im gonna try to explain this the best i can, so im using Unreal Engine 5 for this project. One time i decided to test a more dark enviroment with Point Light objects inside lamps, I saw I didnt like the way to looks to I swap to a more light scene and i deleted the Point Light´s and changed the Directional Light only. As i incressed the volumetric fog I notice the Lamps still where generating fog even tho the Point Light was already deleted, ive rebuild the lighting but it did nothing. I now know that if i changed the Volumetric Scattering Intensity to 0 this probably wouldnt happen but i didnt know about it at the time and when the Point Light´s got deleted i could not go back and change it. So any ideas on how i can fix this or what should i do to make this go away. I hope someone can help me and i hope the imagine and what i said allows people to understand the problem.