Volumetric Light Shafts requires some attention ASAP.

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I would like to again request the Volumetric Light Shafts integration to get some attention. It’s been on Trello as the 2nd highest Rendering request for almost 2 years now and still it’s only a “Wishlist/Backlog” item. Can you please look into this.

^ What him said

All I can say is, yes please!!

Several games on PS4 (including Killzone as a launch title) have this, so performance can’t be a reason for not implementing it. And please do it for all light types not just directional lights. The Order 1886 is one of the best examples how volumetric lighting can greatly contribute to the overall atmosphere and not just be used as a gimmick.

A lot of games now have this–The Division and FarCry Primal are more recent ones

We need this too. There is free access to nvidia volumetric lighting, but native implementation would be much better because of future support. Seems it’s a well researched topic without noticeable dark spots (compared to dynamic GI for example), so it’s just a question of time on your side, hope you’ll find it.

Native support would be really great. I’ve worked out a fake solution using in-engine features, though it isn’t very performance friendly, and it’s very low-resolution. The link is in my signature.

Nvidia vl has acceptable performance (according to, so something like this would be more than enough.

A couple of slides on the topic:


Deck 13

Yes, please. Loving UE, but there are a few bits like volumetric light shafts (and one has to envy Cryengine for all the new volumetric stuff) that are kinda hard to explain why missing in such engine in 2016 :slight_smile:

Someone from Epic staff said - there are many amazing rendering techniques on the market, but there is always lack of time to implement them. For example Order 1886, The Last of Us and some other games use capsule shadows for dynamic objects. In UE4 they’ll come only in 4.11… On other hand, volumetric lighting has pretty large impact on level’s atmosphere, and shouldn’t be done in last week before game release. So, like topic starter said - ASAP.


Oh, they have updated trello roadmap, It’s great to see it alive. Can’t wait for 4.13…

Oh man, if this is really going to be out in July that’s going to be fantastic!!! :smiley:

We should monitor master branch on Github carefully, there is a good chance to test it much sooner


Bump! Just another couple of weeks to July :smiley: Any updates found on the master git branch ?

Shameless plug, I’ve got a decent solution built in blueprints and coming on the Marketplace on June 22 for $5 if you don’t wanna wait, it’s fairly performative and accurate, works with all light types, more features like fog patterns and dust particle placement coming out in the first update after release. Link in my signatuire.

Keep us updated on that release. :slight_smile:

Finally ? that card is since may 2014

I meant, finally it’s in active development rather than only being on the backlog.

The card didn’t have that July label until around April of this year.