Volumetric Light Shafts requires some attention ASAP.

Hey all, my system is up on the marketplace now if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Oh man, after waiting for over two years for this. It’s on the backlog again, this is a huge letdown!!

Aw that sucks

Really disappointed.
Every time new rendering feature appears on Trello with release schedule - it gets back on backlog later.
It’s like a rule :C

The trello votes are only to give an idea for what people are interested in, it’s not a mandate for what they are going to do.

I just noticed it too :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Incredibly disappointing to see this changed to backlog.

Could someone from @Epic at least let us know what happened?

I imagine since we never saw any updates about their work on it they probably hadn’t even started working on it.

What do you mean never saw updates? They changed status to July and started gathering feedback on that feature

I mean like any forum posts or anything like that, not just a status change on the trello

We don’t usually see any updates on rendering features (among others) until they are good enough to show, meaning we don’t see any news until it has been merged to master. This is one of those features that can’t be partially implemented, so it makes sense for them to wait until it’s fully functional.

A couple of examples: planar reflections, SSR for translucency, DFAO, procedural foliage, etc, were all either within days of being added to master, or already in it before they posted any info publicly (aside from trello).


Makes this pointless:

Why would Epic want to know what people are interested in?

One thing that gets put on the backburner doesn’t indicate that they aren’t doing what people are interested in, most of the updates to the engine have been features and fixes that people are asking for.

I think game engines receive all kind of features and fixes all the time. Some of it are of course requested by users too. It’s the “when it get’s done” that defines whether it was done due to public interest or internal reasons. As far as the “when it get’s done” goes here I think the delays indicate usually features and fixes are done only when there is enough internal interest. Like the scale variation for grass node requested by a large audience by the time of 4.8, implemented with 4.12.

That being said, I don’t think forward shading support is back on track because it has 601 votes and a lot of community interest behind it. Because at the same time Volumetrics are canned with 576 votes. And instead we see things on the to-do list such as Multiple Skylight Bounces with 7 votes. The votes seem to be a trello feature that are there, not necessarily Epics intention of letting people vote for features.

I’ve been waiting for volumetrics to be properly supported by UE for quite a few years now; UE3 never had it properly either. It’s disappointing because it’s such a key feature for certain types of games :frowning:

Man thats a bummer…was really looking forward to this :frowning:

Not every game project needs good water, ocean, precise mirror reflections, day/night cycle, skin, eye, hair shading etc. But 99% of games have some kind of lighting and atmosphere(air), so volumetrics should be there…

True. But the other more profitable 1% outrun the 99%. Paragon, Gears of War, etc. Hence, the other 99% don’t get volumetrics as well.

I agree that Paragon doesn’t need volumetrics, but for GoW setting it’s ideal addition for the picture, so I have some hope.

They will be added to engine at some point eventually so your hope isn’t going to fail. But our games would be on the market by then.