Volmetric Fog impossible ?

Hi everybody

I’m looking since days to do a volumetric Fog effect but it seem like unreal can’t hundle that, i’ve read some post and it seem like it’s impossible to do it

I’ve gone trought this solution adding an exponentialDentisy from the Math example ( and that’s what i’ve got

Here’s the exponantial fonction


As you can see the result has nothing to do with a volumetric fog
Please can someone knew any trick or another issus to do a volumetric fog, need this in the purpose for my studies

Thank you

I have not had a chance to try this out for myself yet, but have a look through this thread by Dokipen:

He is getting some pretty good results with volumetric fog & clouds. Hope that helps!

It really help, as i can see the only way to do it is trought a particle system, i’ll try this out hoping to get the result i’m expecting
Thanks very much