Vive Trackball


the Steam VR Template in 4.13 is giving us hands, so i was able to replace them in the BP_MotionController with the Mesh of the Vive Controllers. Now i would like to add trackball on the trackpad. So i added a static mesh sphere to the sceletal controller mesh, which should act as the trackball. Now it is visible, but doesn’t move. How can i bound that sphere to my thumb now, so that it moves as i use the trackball?

I used the Info from the HTC VIVE TEMPLATE (HTC Vive Template - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums) and pasted it like that into the BP_Motion Controller:

Still, the sphere is not moving. If i paste it instead into the MotionControllerPawn Blueprint (after creating a Trackpadsphere there, of course), then it works: the sphere is moving while i touch the trackpad. BUT of course then the sphere is not bound to the Motion Controller and is lying somewhere in space…What is the right procedure?

Nothing i could do here, really?

Use your player pawn to communicate the input to the motion controller actor. Your inputs are been sent to the pawn that you’re possessing and level bp and player controller. Not other actors. It’s done this way so you can have multiple of the same type of pawns (i.e. you and opponent players) without everyone taking control of everyone’s pawns at once (which would be chaos).

Thanks, OK- how could i call the Tracksphere mesh (which is within the Motion Controller Blueprint) from withing the Pawn Blueprint?

Set up a function in the motion controller blue print to move it around with the inputs as the X float and Y float.

Then from the pawn, that calls the motion controller - grab the motion controller and pull off it to find the function you made and then wire up the X and Y values from the input.

Thanks a lot! But seems i really need to read much more documentation, as it just doesn’t work, i’m doing something wrong.