Vive peripherals input

I would like to know how to receive input from a Vive’s headset and its controllers and give them an use. Commonly used way is doing this through project settings and giving specific input names, is there any way to avoid doing this and using raw names instead? Also, how does one link input to a skelet part? i.e. if I was to move my head, how would I link this to character’s head?

Google is your friend. Use it before asking here please.

The rest of your question I do not understand.

Main reason why I am asking here is because I’ve already used Google. Basically, what I am asking is

  1. Process inputs by their raw name rather than by specific names set on project settings.
  2. Use this input data to move a part on character’s skeleton, i.e. if you move your headset your in-game character’s head moves too.

As I said, I do not understand what you mean by 1. The second I am not sure enough about to give a proper reply.

The link I showed you and most tutorials on the internet explaining how to use the HTC Vive with UE4 are not using any named inputs, something you would have known IF you read it properly.

As such I am not sure what you are asking because you have read the documentation and tutorial so what I said above can not be the answer you are looking for.

Hi AdamJames,

For a list of the direct input events for the motion controllers see this handy chart:

As for your question about binding your characters head to your players head: simply attach the mesh of your head to your camera which will automatically follow the HMD input. If you have a skeletal mesh you obviously also need to specify which bone to bind.
See this BP node:

Hope I could help :slight_smile: