Vive - How to set up more than two motion Controllers

I successfully tried out the motion controller interaction and inputs via blueprints.
In the VR documentation is specified that only 2 motion controllers can be set per HMD device (left and right controllers).

However i connected a third Vive Controller and Steam VR was enable to pair the third controller being connect yet the others two controllers.

So i guess the SteamVR plugin can track multiple motion controllers.

My question is, in UE4 how can i get position/orientation or anything from a third controller, having only one HMD headset?

Thanks in advance!

I may be totally wrong here, but the first thing I would do is look into the SteamVR API and the C++ engine implementation. You WILL have to modify the engine for now to get it working, but I think it’s possible to track a third controller. I’ve seen it done at Valve, so the hardware is certainly capable of tracking more than two controllers. Right now, the engine is hard coded to support two controllers, so you’d have to mod the engine code to support three or more controllers. I’d start looking here:


Ok i will try this aproach, even i had some probles trying to compilate the modifications. Do you have any guide to achieve the compilation of an existing plugin modification?
If this is unreachable, i searched some documentation of mixed reality tho, i’m trying a third controller for two things, track two foots with two more Vive controllers and the other thing is track a physical camera with one Vive Controller.

I’ve talked with Nick Whiting (the Lead VR dev for UE4) a week or two ago. They’re going to be releasing mixed reality VR support in 4.13 (or later), but they are currently working on it. It might be experimental on release, who knows? But support for that is coming and I would expect support for additional controllers paired with a physical camera.

If you’re feeling brave, you can download the most recent release of the engine and compile it and see where they’re at with this. Compiling takes me about 45 minutes, so if you need to make any source code changes, it’s going to cost you a lot of time because your iteration cycle is increased to 45 min / iteration. But, it’s possible if you’re really willing to stick it out :slight_smile:

Ok will try it, i need that mixed reality working for customers and i dont want to go back to unity. Thanks and i will mark this as good answer tho

Excuse me,may I ask you to solve this problem?I faced the same problem。

I searched engine code for make modifications and it seems possible if you have time to compile engine code (and if you search how to do it). Look at the first comment and there u have some hints of where to search for.
My solution was make it in Unity since i was searching some MixedReality features. The third controller was for a camera, and Unity has specifically this feature added by the SteamVR plugin.
But if you want a third or four controller for like foots tracking i cant help you more than that.
Good luck!

When you just editing plugins in ue4 source codes build time is short,
my build time for entire source is about 45 mins but when i working on steamvr plugin it’s about one min even less i built even in 10 seconds!

Does anybody have an more i

Does anybody have an more in-depth answer to this problem?