Video memory has been exhausted - using Oculus Link


I am working in UE5 on some blueprints for VR which I am testing with Oculus Link in an empty project which is even set to mobile/scalable.

After a couple of VR-Previews, using Oculus Link USB, my VRAM fills up completely and the only way to fix this, is to restart Unreal.

I never had this issue with UE4.2x but the problem could be the Oculus desktop app as well, since this also received a couple of updates and who knows what it does…

Is there a way to debug this in UE or maybe to free up VRAM using a console command?


Perhaps you could force garbage collection to get rid of unused assets in the scene


Or in bp

thx @3dRaven I’ll give it try, but since I am working with default scenes which are almost empty, I don’t think there is anything to collect.

I searched a bit more about this issue - haven’t found any VR-Users with this problem but it seems like A LOT of users in general are having issues with GPU related crashes. Besides many suggestions like regedit edits and so on, the only thing that worked for me was switching to DX11 – which is not great, but least I can continue with blueprinting/testing.