Very poor performance due to LPV in 4.5

Using this build:

About 22ms for occlussion culling. that is about 70% of entire rendering time.

I did some digging around, and second biggest offender turned out to be dynamic shadows. When, distance is set above anything higher than 0, they eat up about 10ms+.

I dunno how to reproduce it, but if needed I can provide scene for testing.


I think I narrowed issues. It was caused by LPV.
When enabled trough ConsoleVariables, Generating RSM took almost 10ms. On top of that propagation step took 5ms.
When Dynamic GI on light was disabled, there still was Propgation, and it took 5ms.

More over when disabled LPV in ConsoleVariables.ini it still affected performanc, untill I changed rendering settings in Project Settings. by changing Early Z-Pass option to anything else, from what was set.

Hey iniside,

Are you still having problems with this?

I honestly haven’t been using LPV since then.

Hey iniside,

The performance of LPVs has improved significantly since that build - especially since ‘latest preview’ builds are generally unstable. If you’re no longer having trouble with LPVs, I’ll go ahead and mark this issue as Resolved. Feel free to reopen the issue if you have any more trouble with them, however.