Very dark scene inside

Hi all,

I have some problems with lighting as my environment is so dark inside. I have tried many things such as changing the sun position, adding lightmass importance, building lights with high quality and many more but the house that I am building is still very dark inside as if the lights were emitting so little light. the way I can get a little bit of light is to set both brightness and attenuation radius of a point light to the maximum then I can have a little bit of light. I think this is not the usual way of doing it as it does not let me too add more than 3 pointlight because of light overlapping.
This is the normal scene with normal lighting.

and this is the one with brightness and attenuation radius of a point light to the maximum level

Any idea? Can anybody help please?

Do you have a SkyLight in the scene?

Even the lights I make do not light up the environment unless as I said brightness and attenuation radius are to the max

So How do I check to see if I have Skylight?

You should drag this in the scene.

Make sure you have a Athmospheric fog or Expotentional height fog in the scene too.


No I didn’t have so I just added the sky light. It made a little difference in the environment but nothing happened indoor. I have Atmospheric fog but not sure about Expotentional height fog. Anyways I rebuilt the lights and the result is the same.

Any Idea?? :frowning:

I am still struggling and could not find a solution. Can anybody help me please?

Do you have a post process in the scene?
Can you try moving over the level to a new project and see if the problem still exists?

Yes it still exists :frowning:
I changed the position of the sun so it is in front of my glass wall and built the light in a new project this is the result. it is still dark and the light does not seem to be working! Is the light setting right?

Just to be sure, is Lightmass Importance Volume covering the whole building? Is the directional light set to Stationary? I also see that those light sources are BP actors. Open up the BP and make sure the light sources is set to Static or Stationary. No more than 4 overlapping error you are getting is a limitation of stationary lights, btw. You cant have more than 4 stationary light source attenuation radius overlap(when there is a stat. dir. light in the level it means 1 dir. light + 3 spot or point lights)

It’s in Details panel:

Stat. dir. light is stationary directional light. Sorry, couldnt type the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have Lightmass importance covering my whole building. How can I check to see if the directional light is set to stationary?
And also what is dir. light. I am new to unreal engine I didn’t understand this bit

Yes the light source is stationary but I am not sure how to check other lights such as blue print lights

Weird. It doesnt look like that sun is generating any indirect lighting. You havent played with any lightmass settings in World Settings, have you?

To change the BP lights’ mobility, open up the blueprint(select one > on the right side World Outliner > click Edit Blueprint) and you’ll see the light in components list on the left side. Select the light and set it to Stationary. If this doesnt work either remove those BP lights and add a normal point light into the level and the rebuild the lighting.

This is my normal point light on it’s own setting which is also shown in my screenshot. It just doesn’t light up anything around it unless I set the intensity and attenuation to the max level.

An update for people who are having the same problem as me.
It is fixed by changing the skylight from stationary to movable. my scene is bright and lovely now :slight_smile:
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Thanks to all of you who took your time and helped.

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But it’s not the correct solution to fix this, what you have had so far may be caused by corrupt project. It’s fine if you are happy with the result though. If not, try it in a new project and let us know how it goes.

Well ofcourse i need my lighting to look realistic. I have tried loading the level in a new project but all light settings turn into the settings which i have in the old project so basically no difference.

… Thanks , this fix the issue …

It’s a little late but the answers was indirect lighting Intensity in the directional light (crack it up to 50 or something and it worked for me) if you also add a skylight you are golden