very bad [DXR] raytracing quality on gtx 1060

quality of dxr on gtx 1060 card is very bad
we cant use this for realtime
i hope we see modern beta dxr baking soon also this new baking method will not depend on lightmaps ! and will be interactive

ray tracing

Path tracing

You can’t have realtime DXR on a GTX 1060, it doesn’t have hardware raytracing chip and it’s just overall too slow. You’re asking too much.

Hi, Please can you say how it perform when rendering?

I didnt even try the new engine because obviously it wont be game changing for me, working with my 1060…

But if the render perform reasonable… it may be a thing perhaps? :smiley:

I mean… this technology refine the frame quality with time when rendering? And if - roughly how slow it is?

Hi @Farshid ,

I have a 1060 too and my quality seems to be better when Ray Tracing. If you want, you can use my Ray Tracing benchmark and post an screenshot here, to see if it looks like on my machine:


The 1060 isn’t nearly powerful enough to do raytracing in real-time

DXR on GTX is not Good for Realtime
But i think it will good in Baking mode

thanks for link
i will post the screenshot

you are right
this is why i request epic team to prepare **DXR baking **Soon

I would expect that to happen at some point, but the realtime implementation isn’t complete yet so it’s going to take some time. Though you’re probably going to be really limited by the amount of GPU memory.