Version4.11.0 has fog issue?

Hello folks,

I just download the unreal 4.11 preview version and working on my personal project.
Was mean to download 4.10 but the launcher shows a 4.11 available so …T-T

Today I have met the wired fact,

Q1. there is a hard edge with default setting of atmosphericfog.

Q2. I had tried to place an exponential fog in my map,
and it does not show up at all with the default setting.

I had attached those problem picture within this trend. initially I thought could due to I use my own sky box, a DDS texture with skybox material set up and carrying via BP.

However, I had test in an new map , and both fog issue remains with default setting.

Please let me know if this was a version temporary issue or there could be something wrong on my setting.
Many thanks, and Merry Xmas guys!


HI Xaiwantou,

I’m currently not able to reproduce this in a blank project. You mention that you used a new map, is this by chance using the default skysphere or your own that you’ve got with your material setup?

If you can reproduce this in a new blank project, can you post what settings you’re using to make it do so?

Also, you mention 4.11 in the title. Have you tried this in 4.10 and it worked correctly?

Thank you!


Hello Tim,

Thank you so much for the response!
Here are some screen shot of how the default map looks in my PC.

about Q1,
I had noticed when I opening the map, there is an atmosphere fog actor by default,

you may able to reproduce this problem by delete the ‘original’ fog actor and drag a new [atmosphericFog] into the map.

The map might looks like this

about Q2,
I had tried to add an exponential height fog into my defaul map.
this is how it looks like (I have hide the skysphere to demonstrate it better)

and this is another screen shot with the BP skysphere on

Another concern I had is, will this issue possibly due to my graphic card or any hardware issue (me not with good knowledge on hardware, excuse me if that sounds strange o.,O)

the graphic card on my pc is a NVDIA GeForce GTX760.

I hope those information helps.
Thank you once again and have a lovely holiday !

Exponential Height Fog doesn’t work for me either.

In response to:


I was able to reproduce that issue and submitted UE-24809.


I was able to reproduce this and have submitted UE-24810

Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate this in a clear and concise way! It’s much appreciated.

This should be resolved during the process of the 4.11 Preview builds, but I cannot confirm which preview release this will be fixed in until a developer has had time to investigate and submit a fix. For that reason, it is recommended to work in a stable build like 4.10 vs the previews which are known to have issues like this.

Thank you again!

Actually, I think I’ve isolated a related problem, which is that the OutScreenVector property of the HeightFogVertexShader.usf is resulting in unexpected data.

I think this is because line 22 of the HeightFogVertexShader is now:

OutScreenVector = mul(float4(InPosition,1,0), ResolvedView.ScreenToTranslatedWorld).xyz;

when it used to be

OutScreenVector = mul(float4(InPosition,1,0), View.ScreenToTranslatedWorld).xyz;

the ResolvedView.ScreenToTranslatedWorld seems to failing.

Fixing this line (changing it to View.ScreenToTranslatedWorld) seems to result in fixing the heightfog. Although I bet this probably breaks for stereo…