UV Wrapping on modular setup

Hi I’m just wondering if it’s possible to have a UV that re-alligns itself when a mesh is stretched?
I’m trying to make some modular steel beams to drop into UE4, that all works swell, until you start stretching them to suit the size you need. The UV stretches along with it and makes it look ugly.
Is there a way around this problem? A blueprint?

(I have made the steel beams in 3ds max and the uv wrapping there too)

Any other info needed please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you in advance.

Well, u can make another material, that fits your streched Mesh.

I made couple of materials for one model, in case i need to resize my model, because all models I have in my project are modular, i have to do resizes some times, and such streched materials very help me out.

Hmm yes I was thinking that could work, just thought there might be a better way using blueprints or something.
I’m away from my UE4 computer for awhile, and I spotted this -

Would this be what I’m looking for?

Hello QBert,

Yes the link you posted is what you are looking for. Try it out and see if it resolves your issue.