Using Sprite Flipbook with Normal Maps?

I’d like to be able to use dynamic lighting on my 2d character. I have normal maps for every frame of his animation, but I can’t figure out how to combine the normal maps together with the spritesheet to make a flipbook. I know materials can do it, but can sprites? I’d also like to be able to add bump and reflective maps as well.

Thanks for your help!

+1 despite building a Material to handle PBR it seems a Flipbook can only look at a single Source Texture.

Bump. Need that too. When I have flipbook with many sprites (frames) it is probably impossible to add normal map on it.

Posted a how-to guide here:

You need to set your sprite’s material to DefaultLitSpriteMaterial. This material has a parameter for Normal Maps but you need to “activate” it before you can use it.

See the space for a texture below “Additional Textures” ? This is where you will be adding your normal map. Click on the + button to add another element. When you see Slot #0, select your normal map and set it.

You must do this for every sprite individually, as this UI option does NOT appear in the Flipbook Editor.

Awesome, even though it’s cumbersome I’m happy there’s a solution. Thank you!

Glad I could help!
If you want, you can copy and edit the DefaultLitSpriteMaterial and add masks for the other PBR parameter inputs too.
Having a metallic sword sprite could be pretty cool.

If you see yourself doing this a lot, you might want to make a copy of DefaultLitSpriteMaterial and make the normal map a texture parameter instead of an additional texture that way you can skip the few clicks to enable the normal map if you’re going to be doing this for hundreds of sprites.

I don’t have DefaultLitSpriteMaterial, can someone please upload a screenshot of the material?

Did you ever find DefaultLitSpriteMaterial? I don’t have it either, very strange and annoying.

When you click the tab to see materials you have to click “View Options” at the bottom and enable Plugin Content I believe.

How do you “activate” the normal map option? I found defaultLitSprite material but I don’t see anywhere where I can activate a normal map slot