Using PostProcessVolume for Lighting?

Post processing volume doesn’t directly affect lighting in your project.
It more like filters of photoshop. You create di volume anche when a player enter this space you placed within your project, his visual setting you can set up contrast and brightness of the image, but this won’t affect shadow cause post processing volume is not a light source.
Here a link to documentation:Post Process Effects | Unreal Engine Documentation
I’ dsuggest you to use sky portal (more or less this name) and set up some more lighting into that room.
Let me know if you have other questions about lighting

PS: rememder to build light everytime you want to see how’s lighting going.

I ask you a couple of things so I can try something.
You only want to have a brighter room without any real light source in there?
Cause you may consider adding some torches so you may use a sample particle effect to generate flames and emit light, in example.

If you can wait some time, i try something out.
This should be usefull to me too, cause I’m working on an archviz project

I’m trying to light an indoor dungeon scene, but running into some issues. What I want to do is light up an area inside a volume by a certain amount so that the shadows inside of the room are brighter. I’ve been trying to use PP Volumes to do this, but I’m guessing not in the way they are meant to be used. The end of the hall should be very dark, as the PP volume only contains the room you are standing in, but the the hallway contains no PP volume.

My issue is that if you are inside of one the PP volumes it applies that lighting to everything you see, so even the room down the hall now has that same adjustment (Its PP so I guess this makes sense?).

So what should I be doing if I want to evenly light up all of the materials within a volume? Is there a better solution than just like throwing a point lights everywhere?

looking out into the hall from the room:

after walking down the hall to the end

looking back at the room from the hall

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I get that PP isn’t really what I want here in this situation.

Sky Portal? Are you talking about Lightmass Portals?

What I’m hoping for is that someone has some solution for evenly brightening up an area without using PP.

I’ve tried putting a point light in, which results in corners of the room being darker due to the light falloff, and since there are things such as pillars, the light isn’t evenly distributing. I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t require tons of point lights and the extra take needed to put them everywhere.

Would it be possible to like create a custom material that will be brighter when its in a certain area?

Yeah, pretty much. I’d like to brighten things up a bit on a room to room basis without having to rely on a light source if possible. If there were torches, they would cause the textures around them to be a bit brighter, but wouldn’t be used to light the scene per say.

That would be very appreciated, thanks!

My Fault. I used Post processing volume and managed to get a decent indirect lighting.
Before anything

After applying PP Volume

These are the only setting I used

Errr, sorry, I guess my explanation was bad. What you’ve done there is exactly what I had before, which has the problem of not lighting the room until you enter the PP volume. Or lighting up areas not in the PP volume when you are inside of the volume.

So I’m hoping to be able to flat lighten a room like that but without using any Post Processing.

mmm… ok.
then I have a few suggestion:
-you can set up the PP as you feel better and add a spot light by the entrance to simulate direct lighting coming inside and illuminating at least what’s near the entrance. the in PP look for auto exposure and set up a smooth activation of the volume. this way you’ll simulate eye adaptation.

this is how i set up the light.

and if you add a point light by the spot one and boost up the radius, you can reach the opposite wall

Thanks for the ideas, but the default way of setting up lights won’t achieve the look I’m going for. I’m aiming for a more stylized and less realistic lighting setup, so I don’t really want eye adaptation, I want the lighting to be fairly consistent whether you are in the room or not.

I may have found a good solution.
use a point light and work with these options.