Using Epic skeleton with blender characters?

I am currently using Blender for my modeling of static meshes and characters for UE4. I want to rig my characters to the Epic Skeleton so that I can use the default animations as well as any animations I buy from the marketplace. The problem is when I import the Ue4 skeleton rig into blender, the bones are messed up. Then when I rig my mesh to the skeleton and export it, the animations look terrible. Is there somewhere I can be directed that will show me how to correctly rig my blender characters to the Ue4 Skeleton? I would greatly appreciate any help.

Could you post an image of how the bones look in Blender? What version of blender are you on? I was able to get this to work a week or two ago so I know it is possible.

I dunno if this helps but this was in the Forums.

12 mins in he talks about what I believe your experiencing

Hey Matthew! Any updates? I started having the same issue…

Best thing I found was the Autorig Pro addon, is a paid addon from blender, but it lets you export your model with the Unreal Skeleton bone configuration, so fully compatible with the marketplace animations.
You can also try building yourself the bone chain and naming correctly and rig it to the character, it should work, though if you wanna to do your own animations you’ll have to build controllers and stuff over it (now that I think of it there’s another paid blender addon that builds unreal skeleton inside of the rigify rig, but i don’t remember how it’s called, but google it and you should find it) , so not recommended if you’re not a rigger, also Blender bones work different than Maya bones (the ones used by the unreal skeleton) so it may not work, if by the end you decide to build and rig the chain yourself just remember to export only deform bones and uncheck add leaf bones.

But yeah those are the workarounds I’ve find to work with the Unreal Skeleton.

this can solve the orientation problem

Hello Matthew. I fixed this issue in my custom Blender Next build for Unreal Engine. Via this custom build you can rig 3D characters on Unreal Engine 5 and 4 Epic Skeleton without any plugins. Just import FBX file from Unreal Blender and fit skeleton to your character. Here two tutorial videos from my YouTube channel:
Pose Mode armature display: Blender Next for Unreal Engine 5. Update 4. Pose Mode Symmetry - YouTube
Edit Mode: Blender Next. Update 2. Armature creation, display and tweaking tools for Unreal Engine 4 and 5. - YouTube