Using a HDRI as a Spherical Background around the scene matching the lighting

Hey there,

I am thrilled to find out how to use a skydome HDRI, I use for light baking, as a “background” as well, so the lighting matches the background. Until now I’m using the BP_SkySphere blueprint that comes with the engine, but since I make my own skydome HDRIs, I have a variety to choose from. I was browsing the web but I couldn’t really find anything useful.

I have some architectural models imported to UE4, use a skylight with a custom HDRI, works so far pretty well. But how can I put the HDRI around my scene so it matches the lighting?

I’m really hoping someone can help out with a detailed answer since I am neither a beginner in UE nor an expert.


There’s an advanced lighting map template you can use that’s already setup like that. It’s included in the starter content and you just need to replace the default hdri.